Starting the oTree server

Please only run the server only on the port (80xx) given to you! Otherwise you might interfere with other people's experiments.

To start the oTree server first connect to the VCEE server and then change to the oTree folder, e.g.:

cd oTree

If you have not used the "push to the server" method when uploading then you have to replace oTree with the folder you have chosen.

Then start the by calling (replace YOURPORT with the port given to you):

otree runprodserver YOURPORT

To close the server, you just have to press Ctrl - C.

Closing the Terminal/Powershell window will also stop the server!

Starting the server in the background

To start the server in the background and leave it on even after logging off you have to run (again, replacing YOURPORT):

nohup otree runprodserver YOURPORT &

in your oTree folder.

The easiest way to stop this server is to kill the process:

pkill -f runprodserver

It is perfectly fine to let the server run for a while both for testing purposes and during the time in which you are running the experiment in the lab.
However, if there is no experiment scheduled we might run maintenance
on the server.
So, in case you need your oTree server to be online and stable (i.e., without reboots) please come talk to us beforehand.