Our members conduct research in all areas of behavioural and experimental economics. For more information you can see below the papers we have published. You can also access our latest working papers, the talks given by our members, as well as some of the projects we are working on.


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Aydogan, G, Jobst, A, Loy, F, Dehning, S, Zill, P, Müller, N & Kocher, M 2018, 'The effect of oxytocin on group formation and strategic thinking in men', Hormones and Behavior, vol. 100, pp. 100-106.

Jimenez, N, Rodriguez-Lara, I, Tyran, J-R & Wengström, E 2018, 'Thinking Fast, Thinking Badly', Economics Letters, vol. 162, 162, pp. 41-44.


Showing entries 10 - 20 out of 65