Evaluation of soft measures to promote student success

Funding agency: University of Vienna Project number IP369001

Amount: Euro 300'000

Project duration: Aug. 2016 - July 2019

Project team:
Jean-Robert Tyran
Axel Sonntag

Short description:

The aim of this research project is to systematically evaluate various "soft" measures implemented by the University of Vienna to promote student success. Measures are called "soft" if they do not entail regulations for students or are based on economic incentives like sanctions or rewards. Therefore, students are not coerced or constrained by soft measures and remain entirely free to choose the pace and sequence of their studies as if the measures were not present. Soft measures are also cheap to implement. Typical examples of such measures are reminders of important deadlines or providing online tools for planning coursework. To evaluate the effectiveness of such measures, the University plans to implement a series of soft measures at different times in different faculties. Not all students will therefore experience the same measures at the same time. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine which measures are particularly effective such that they can be used to the benefit of all students.