Experimental Markets with Search Frictions and Network Externalities

Institution: VCEE

Funding agency: Norwegian Research Council (no. 212996/F10)

Amount: Euro 70’000

Project duration:  Jan. 2012 - Dec. 2015

Austrian Project team: J.-R. Tyran

Other teamleaders: Espen Moen

Short description:

The project integrates recent findings in behavioral economics into traditional labor economics. We explore questions regarding labor supply and the provision of effort, including the analysis of incentive effects of taxation and redistribution on effort and the cognitive perception of the incentive effects.  In addition, we make contributions to study cooperation in self-governed environments, the political acceptance of reform, and aspects of discrimination in the labor market. We have initiated research to explore behavior in markets with asymmetric information, the measurement and determinants of motivation at work, gender sorting, and the effect of solidarity on social mobility. We have conducted conventional lab experiments with student subjects, large-scale internet experiments with participants form the general population, and have conducted natural field experiments. 

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