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December 2016


 We welcome Erich Kirchler as a new affiliate at VCEE

Event in The Power of Nudges: Einsatz und Grenzen sanfter Stupser on Dec. 5, 18:30-20:00 at Haus der Industrie, Vienna (Fotos) (Video) (Trailer)



November 2016


Studierende (und alle anderen Interessierten) können hier ihre Vertrautheit mit Inhalten und Konzepten der Verhaltensökonomie testen (sowie weitere Tests von FehrAdvice durchführen) 


Robert Östling (IIES Stockholm) speaks about "The Effect of Wealth on Subjective Health, Life Satisfaction and Political Attitudes" on Nov 11 (picture)



Simeon Schudy (LMU München) speaks about "I Lie? We Lie! Why? Experimental Evidence on a Dishonesty Shift in Groups" on Nov 11 (picture)

Working Paper: "Experimental Evidence on Expressive Voting", by J.-R. Tyran and A.K. Wagner (paper)


Working Paper: "Voter Motivation and the Quality of Democratic Choice", by L. Mechtenberg and J.-R. Tyran (paper)

Working Paper: "Money Illusion and Household Finance", by T. Stephens and J.-R. Tyran (paper)



October 2016


Séverine Toussaert (LSE London) speaks about "Eliciting temptation and self-control through menu choices: a lab experiment" on Oct 7 (picture)


Dominik Duell (IAS Toulouse) speaks about "Identity and Political Polarization: On the Instrumental Impact of Partisan Identity"on Oct 7 (picture)

J.-R. Tyran gives a keynote lecture at Swiss Congress for Health Economics and Health Sciences, Bern Oct. 21. (video)


We welcome Peter Bednarik who joins us from the IIASA for a period of 2 years to work on the project “Fairness, Personal Responsibility and the Welfare State

  B. Greiner

We welcome Ben Greiner and Martin Kocher as new affiliates at VCEE. Prof. Greiner joined WU Vienna from USNW in Australia, Prof. Kocher is the new director of IHS, joining from LMU Munich.

 M. Kocher


September 2016


Reactions to kickoff event (video) and kickoff event (video) with keynote lecture by J. List and introduction by J.-R. Tyran by A. Johan, S. Karmasin, B. Rauchwarter, C. Wallner. The event of the Vienna Behavioral Economics Network was held at Haus der Industrie, Vienna, 07.09.2016


Workshop BEPE 2016 was held on September 8-9 at the Skylounge (Photos)

J.-R. Tyran gives a plenary lecture at the 11th Nordic Conference on Behavioral and Experimental Economics in Oslo, 30.9-1.10.



August 2016



Melis Kartal has moved to the WU Vienna. We congratulate! She remains affiliated with the VCEE.

Forthcoming publication: "Judicial Error and Cooperation", by T. Markussen, L. Putterman and J.-R. TyranEuropean Economic Review.



July 2016



J.-R. Tyran participates in a discussion moderated by Christoph Varga (ORF) with Monika Rosen-Philipps (Head Analyst Bank Austria) and Heinz Bednar (CEO Erste Asset Management) on “What is our money worth in 10 years?” (all pictures) (Video)


Working Paper: "Personality Traits and the Gender Gap in Ideology", by J.-R. Tyran and E. Wengström (paper)



June 2016


Marco Piovesian (U Copenhagen) speaks about "Dishonesty from the Lab to the Field" on June 17 (picture)


Arthur Schram (EUI Florence) speaks about "A Simultaneous Analysis of Turnout and Voting under Proportional Representation: Theory and Experiments" on June 17 (picture)

Forthcoming publication: "Medical Insurance and Free Choice of Physician Shape Patient Overtreatment. A Laboratory Experiment", by S. Huck, G. Lünser, F. Spitzer and J.-R. TyranJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization.


Event in Behavioral Economics: Field Experiments as a Revolution in Economics & Politics on Sep 7


May 2016


VCEE Awayday 2016 was held on April 21/22 in Reichenau an der Rax (foto) (program)


Forthcoming publication: "Gender Differences in Beliefs and Actions in a Framed Corruption Experiment", by M. Fišar, M. Kubak, J. Špalek, and J. Tremewan. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.

Daniel Friedmann (UC Santa Cruz) speaks about "Online Ad Auctions: An Experiment" on May 27 (picture)


Astrid Dannenberg (U Kassel) speaks about ""Naming and shaming” of individuals and groups in a public goods experiment" on May 27 (picture)


April 2016



Working Paper: "Cooperation in Indefinitely Repeated Games of Strategic Complements and Substitutes", by A. G. Mermer, W. Müller and S. Suetens (paper)

Working Paper: "An offer you can refuse: the effects of transparency with endogenous conflict of interest", by M. Teteryatnikova & J. Tremewan (paper)


W. Müller wins Schmölders Prize awarded by the German Economic Association (more info



March 2016


Florian Zimmermann (U Zürich) speaks about "Correlation Neglect in Belief Formation" on March 18 


Michal Bauer (CERGE-EI) speaks about "Social Contagion of Ethic Hostility" on March 18 

The Annual Report 2015 of the VCEE is now available


J.-R. Tyran gives an interview on "Replication in Economics" on SWR2 Campus on March 12

Forthcoming publication: "Preference Reversals: Time and Again”, by C. Alós-Ferrer, D.-G. Granić, J. Kern, and A.K. Wagner. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty.



February 2016



J.-R. Tyran gives an interview on “Nudging: Wie der Staat seine Bürger erziehen will” on national radio Ö1 on Feb. 16



J.-R. Tyran gives a keynote lecture at the ZEW conference on Lab Experiments in Public Economics on February 26 in Mannheim



January 2016


Veronika Grimm (FAU) speaks about "On the Impact of Quotas and Decision Rules in Ultimatum Collective Bargaining" on January 22


Abhijit Ramalingham (U East Anglia) speaks about "Resource Inequality in Competition Between Teams" on January 22



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