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Archive 2014

December 2014

Working Paper: "Judicial Error and Cooperation", by T. Markussen, L. Putterman and J.-R. Tyran (paper)

The SABE (Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics) newsletter is available now.

Final presentation of National Research Network  „Labor and the Welfare State“ at Palais Eschenbach on Nov. 20 (more)

November 2014

Working Paper: "Medical Insurance and Free Choice of Physician Shape Patient Overtreatment. A Laboratory Experiment", by S. Huck, G. Lünser, F. Spitzer and J.-R. Tyran (paper)

October 2014

NORFACE research project on “Fairness and the Welfare State“ approved

Working Paper: "Measuring mispricing in experimental markets", by O. Powell (paper)

W. Müller has been appointed as Head of the Department of Economics and J.-R. Tyran has been appointed as Vice-Dean for Research of the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Statistics per October 1, for a period of 2 years.

We welcome Boris Maciejovsky (UC Riverside) as new affiliate at vcee.

Forthcoming publication: “A Comparative Welfare Analysis of Electoral Systems with Endogenous Turnout” by M. KartalEconomic Journal.

Forthcoming publication: “A Penny for Your Thoughts: a Survey of Methods for Eliciting Beliefs,” by K. SchlagJ. Tremewan and J.J. van der Weele. Experimental Economics.

September 2014

Working paper: “Corruption in Committees: An Experimental Study of Information Aggregation through Voting”, by R. Morton and J.-R. Tyran (paper)

The Best Paper Prize on “Public Organizations” has been awarded at the VCEE to Lea Cassar (U Zurich) and to Erika Deserranno (LSE), (see picture)

We welcome Markus Reitzig and Steffen Keck as new (internal) affiliates of VCEE.

W. Müller and  J.-R. Tyran appointed to the Editorial Boards of Experimental Economics and the Journal of the Economic Science Association.

August 2014 

Forthcoming publication: “Deciding for others reduces loss aversion” by O. Andersson, H.J. Holm, J.-R. Tyran and E. Wengström. Management Science.

July 2014

We welcome Alexander K. Wagner as a core collaborator at VCEE. He joins us from U Cologne for a period of 3 years and plans to work on a project entitled „Representative Democracy: Theory and Experiments“.

We welcome Georg Kirchsteiger from Université Libre de Bruxelles as a new affiliate.

May 2014

Working paper: “The Price of Prejudice”, by M. Hedegaard and J.-R. Tyran (paper)

Forthcoming publication: “'Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t': A Counterfactual Analysis of Richard Wagner’s Tannhäuser”, by I. Chrissochoidis, H. Harmgart, S. Huck and W. MüllerMusic and Letters

April 2014

Working paper: “Fairness is Intuitive”, by A.W. Cappelen, U.H. Nielsen, B. Tungodden, J.-R. Tyran and E. Wengström. (paper)

Forthcoming publication: “State or Nature? Endogenous Formal vs. Informal Sanctions in the Voluntary Provision of Public Goods” by K. Kamei, L. Putterman and J.-R. TyranExperimental Economics.

J.-R. Tyran gives seminars at Columbia U, NYU and Brown U

March 2014

Our colleague Matthias Sutter from EUI Florence presents his new Book (in German – Die Entdeckung der Geduld) on March 12 at Thalia Buchhandlung.

February 2014

Working paper: “Building Trust in Relational Contracting”, by M. Kartal (paper)

Read a media briefing on “Why the benefits of competition are often lost” (Royal Economic Society)

J.-R. Tyran has been appointed as associate editor of the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (formerly Journal of Socio-Economics)

January 2014

Working paper: “Laboratory Elections with Endogenous Turnout: Proportional Representation versus Majoritarian Rule”, by M. Kartal (paper)

Working paper: “A Comparative Welfare Analysis of Electoral Systems with Endogenous Turnout”, by M. Kartal (paper)

Forthcoming Publication: "Discriminatory Taxes are Unpopular - Even when they are Efficient and Distributionally Fair", by R. Sausgruber and J.-R. TyranJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

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