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December 2013

Working paper: "A Penny for Your Thoughts: A Survey of Methods for Eliciting Beliefs", by K. H. Schlag, J. Tremewan and J. J. Van der Weele. (paper)

Working paper: "Price competition and reputation in markets for experience goods: An experimental study", by S. Huck, G. K. Lünser and J.-R. Tyran. (paper)

November 2013

We rank in the top 4% worldwide among research institutions in Experimental Economics according to a ranking of by repec (rank 46/1430, Nov. 2013).

Working paper: "Risking Other People’s Money", by O. Andersson, H. J. Holm, J.-R. Tyran, E. Wengström. (paper)

Working paper: "Second Thoughts on Free Riding", by U. Nielsen, J.-R. Tyran, E. Wengström. (paper)

Forthcoming Publication: "Output Commitment Through Product Bundling: Experimental Evidence", by J. Hinloopen, W. Müller, H.-T. Normann. European Economic Review.

October 2013

Working paper: "Price Competition and Reputation in Markets for Experience Goods: An Experimental Study", by S. Huck, G. Lünser and J.-R. Tyran (paper)

We welcome Stepan Vesely as an academic visitor for the fall term.

Forthcoming Publication: "Does Money Illusion Matter?: Reply", by E. Fehr and J.-R. TyranAmerican Economic Review.

Forthcoming Publication: "Who acts more like a Game Theorist? Group and Individual Play in a Sequential Market Game and the Effect of the Time Horizon", by W. Müller,  and F. Tan. Games and Economic Behavior.

September 2013

Uni:View magazine reports on the research of J.-R. Tyran

Working paper: "Deciding for Others Reduces Loss Aversion", by O. Andersson, J.-R. Tyran  E. Wengström and H. J. Holm (paper)

VCEE co-organizes a workshop on Behavioral Public Economics, Sept. 19/20.

August 2013

Forthcoming Publication: "Who is (more) rational", by S. Choi, S. Kariv, W. Müller,  and D. Silverman. American Economic Review.

Forthcoming Publication: "Competition, Cooperation, and Collective Choice", by T. Markussen, E. Reuben and J.-R. Tyran. Economic Journal.

July 2013

J.-R. Tyran has been appointed to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Experimental Political Science.

June 2013

J.-R. Tyran speaks about: “Cooperation and Institutions: Insights from Experimental Economics” at Wirtschaftsuniversität (WU), June 18, 17.00 Uhr, Großer Sitzungssaal, 2. Stock (D).

W. Müller gave an invited talk at the 1st ESSEXLab Experimental Workshop at the University of Esssex, UK (May 31- June 1, 2013).

May 2013

Forthcoming Publication: "Self-Organization for Collective Action. An Experimental Study of Voting on Sanction Regimes", by T. Markussen, L. Putterman and J.-R. Tyran. Review of Economic Studies

The VCEE team holds its Away Day on May 2-3 in Reichenau, in the surroundings of Vienna. Program

April 2013

Working paper: "Risk Aversion Relates to Cognitive Ability: Fact or Fiction?", by O. Andersson, J.-R. Tyran, E. Wengström and H. J. Holm, (paper) (supplementary materials)

March 2013

J.-R. Tyran has been appointed as Associate Editor of Journal of Socio-Economics

February 2013

The annual report of VCEE’s activities for 2012 is now available online.

January 2013

J.-R. Tyran has been appointed to the Board of the Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics (SABE) for a period of 4 years.

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