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Archive 2012

December 2012

Working Paper: "The Impact of Asset Repurchases and Issues in an Experimental Market", by E. Haruvy, C. N. Noussair and O. R. Powell. SSRN

Forthcoming Publication: "Taxation and Market Power", by K. A. Konrad, F. Morath and W. Müller. Canadian Journal of Economics

November 2012

Policy report: Why is Housing such a Popular Investment? By T. A. Stephens and J.-R. Tyran. VoxEU

October 2012

Forthcoming Publication: "Give and Take in Dictator Games", by J.-R. Tyran, A. Cappelen, U. Nielsen, E. Sørensen and B. Tungodden. Economics Letters

Forthcoming Publication: "Naked Exclusion in the Lab: The Case of Sequential Contracting", by j. Boone, W. Müller and S. Suetens. Journal of Industrial Economics

Working paper: “ ’At Least I Didn’t Lose Money’ – Nominal Loss Aversion Shapes Evaluations of Housing Transactions”, by T. A. Stephens and J.-R. Tyran. SSRN

Working paper: “Simple Belief Elicitation”, by K. Schlag and J. Tremewan. Vienna Economics Papers

September 2012

W. Müller gave an invited lecture entitled "Naked exclusion in the lab" at the XXVII edition of the Jornadas de Economía Industrial in Murcia, Spain, September 13-14, 2012.

Forthcoming Publication: "Framing Effects and Impatience: Evidence from a Large Scale Experiment," by E. van der Heijden, T. Klein, W. Müller and J. Potters. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

We welcome Melis Kartal as a new core collaborator at VCEE. Melis joins us from NYU.

J.-R. Tyran speaks at the Latsis Symposium 2012 “Economics on the Move” at ETH Zurich about Behavioral Economics (more)

We welcome Florian Spitzer as a new PhD student at VCEE. Florian joins us from U Heidelberg.

VCEE organizes a workshop on Experimental Economics, Sept. 10/11

August 2012

Working paper: “The Dark Side of the Vote: Biased Voters, Social Information, and Information Aggregation Through Majority Voting”, by R. Morton, M. Piovesan and J.-R. Tyran. Download from ssrn

Working paper: “Give and Take in Dictator Games”, by A.W. Cappelen, U.H. Nielsen, E.Ø. Sørensen, B. Tungodden and J.-R. Tyran. Download from ssrn

July 2012

Forthcoming Publication: "Experimental Economics in Antitrust", by H.-T. Normann and W. Müller. Chapter for the Oxford Handbook of International Antitrust Economics, Oxford University Press.

Forthcoming Publication: "Inequality Aversion and Voting on Redistribution", by W. Höchtl, R. Sausgruber and J.-R. Tyran. European Economic Review.

J.-R. Tyran appointed to iv.future.lab, a think tank devoted to identifying long-run drivers of economic and social change. iv future

June 2012

Forthcoming Publication: "Competition Fosters Trust ", by S. Huck, G. Lünser, and J.-R. Tyran. Games and Economic Behavior.

Working paper: "Competition, Cooperation, and Collective Choice", by T. Markussen, E. Reuben and J.-R. Tyran. IZA discussion paper 6620

J.-R. Tyran gives keynote lecture on “Cooperation and Voting on Sanctions” at the Bratislava Economic Meetings, June 7-8, 2012

Forthcoming Publication: "Collusion in Experimental Bertrand Duopolies with Convex Costs: The Role of Cost Asymmetry", by W. Müller and C. Argenton, International Journal of Industrial Organization

May 2012

Forthcoming Publication: "Bertrand Competition with Asymmetric Costs: Experimental Evidence", by J. Boone, M. J. Larraín Aylwin, W. Müller and A. R. Chaudhuri. Economic Letters

April 2012

Funding for Project “Experimental Markets with Search Frictions and Network Externalities” approved by the Norwegian Research Council (for 2012-2015)

The annual report of the VCEE is now available

Forthcoming Publication: "Microfoundations of Social Capital”, by C. Thöni, J.-R. Tyran, and E. Wengström. Journal of Public Economics

March 2012

Away day 2012: The VCEE team joins the experimental team at the University of Innsbruck for a workshop. Program

February 2012

Public lecture: J.-R. Tyran speaks at the Forum for the Philosophy of Social Science more

January 2012

Forthcoming Publication: "Allais for All: Revisiting the Paradox in a Large Representative Sample", by S. Huck and W. Müller. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty

Public lecture: J.-R. Tyran speaks at the Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs more

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