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Archive 2011

December 2011

Working paper: "Output Commitment through Product Bundling: Experimental Evidence", by J. Hinloopen, W. Müller and H.-T. Normann. Vienna Economics Papers

November 2011

The lab has started operations. We are recruiting subjects and experiments are regularly run from now on.

Forthcoming Publication: "The Distribution of Harm in Price-fixing Cases", by J. Boone and W. Müller. International Journal of Industrial Organization

October 2011

Working paper: "Who Acts More Like a Game Theorist? Group and Individual Play in a Sequential Market Game and the Effect of the Time Horizon" by W. Müller and F. Tan. Vienna Economics Papers

Working paper: “Nudges and Impatience: Evidence from a Large Scale Experiment“ by E. van der Heijden, T.J. Klein, W. Müller and J. Potters. Netspar Discussion Paper

Working paper: "Naked Exclusion in the Lab: The Case of Sequential Contracting" by J. Boone, W. Müller and S. Suetens. Vienna Economics Papers

We welcome Owen Powell, Natalia Shestakova and James Tremewan as new core collaborators at VCEE.

September 2011

Publication: "Public Goods and Voting on Formal Sanction Schemes", by Putterman, L., J.-R. Tyran and K. Kamei, Journal of Public Economics, 95(10): 1213-22.

August 2011

Funding for project "Experimental Labor Economics", by R. Sausgruber and J.-R. Tyran approved by FWF (€337’000)

July 2011

Working paper: "Inequality Aversion and Voting on Redistribution", by W. Höchtl, and R. Sausgruber and J.-R. TyranSocial Science Research Network

Workshop in Experimental Labor Economics, July 14/15

June 2011

Press conference in Copenhagen, organized by the Rockwool Foundation (June 23) where experimental research on ethnic discrimination by M. Hedegaard and J.-R. Tyran was presented (more, in Danish).

Publication. "Let the Experts Decide? Asymmetric Information, Abstention, and Coordination in Standing Committees", by R. Morton and J.-R. Tyran. Games and Economic Behavior, 72: 485-509.

J.-R. Tyran gives keynote lecture at LeeX International Conference on Theoretical and Experimental Macroeconomics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

May 2011

Forthcoming Publication: "The Gambler’s Fallacy and Gender", by S. Suetens and J.-R. TyranJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Forthcoming publication: "Signaling without a common prior: Results on experimental equilibrium selection", by M. Drouvelis, W. Müller and A. Possajennikov, Games and Economic Behavior

Public lecture: J.-R. Tyran speaks on “Bubbles in Financial Markets. The perspective of an experimental economist” (more info)

April 2011

Article: "Predicting the improbable", by C.B. Jørgensen, S. Suetens and J.-R. Tyran, VOX

March 2011

Working Paper: "Predicting Lotto Numbers", by C.B. Jørgensen, S. Suetens and J.-R. Tyran, Social Science Research Network

February 2011

Working Paper: "State or Nature? Formal vs. Informal Sanctioning in the Voluntary Provision of Public Goods", by K. Kamei, L. Putterman and J.-R. Tyran, Vienna Economics Papers

Forthcoming publication: "Collusion through price ceilings? In search of a focal-point effect", by D. Engelmann and W. Müller, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Working Paper: "Income and Ideology: How Personality Traits, Cognitive Abilities, and Education Shape Political Attitudes", R. Morton, J.-R. Tyran and E. Wengström, Social Science Research Network

Working Paper: "The Gambler’s Fallacy and Gender", S. Suetens and J.R. Tyran, Social Science Research Network

January 2011

Publication: "Are We Taxing Ourselves? How Deliberation and Experience Shape Voting on Taxes", by R. Sausgruber and J.-R. Tyran, Journal of Public Economics 95: 164-76

Working Paper: "Self-Organization for Collective Action: An Experimental Study of Voting on Formal, Informal, and No Sanction Regimes", by T. Markussen, L. Putterman and J.-R. Tyran, Vienna Economics Papers

Working Paper: "Who Is (More) Rational?", by S. Choi, S. Kariv, W. Müller and D. Silverman, Vienna Economics Papers

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