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April 2017



Ayala Arad (Tel Aviv U) speaks about "Multi-Dimensional Reasoning in Resource Allocation Games: Evidence from Intra-Team Communication" on March 31 (picture)

Stefan Trautmann (U Heidelberg + U Tilburg) speaks about "Implementing Fair Procedures?" on March 31 (picture)



March 2017


Distinguished lecture series

J.-R. Tyran: Existiert eine „demokratische Dividende“? Einsichten aus der experimentellen Wirtschaftsforschung

The Annual Report 2016 of the VCEE is now available


J.-R. Tyran (as lecturer) and P. Bednarik participate in the Rady Spring School at UC San Diego, March 5 to 10.



February 2017


J.-R. Tyran discusses with Prof. Raschauer and Sektionschef Tschirf about “Staatliche Regulierung” (in German) at the „Führungsforum Innovative Verwaltung“ starting 17:00 on Feb. 22, Piaristengasse 6, 1080 Wien. 


Forthcoming publication: "How to reveal people’s preferences: Comparing time consistency and predictive power of multiple price list risk elicitation methods", by A. Rabas and T. Csermely. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty

Job opening: VCEE is looking for a lab manager (more info)


J.-R. Tyran speaks at the Academy of Behavioral Economics at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Zürich, Switzerland 

O. Powell has moved to the WU Vienna. We congratulate! Owen remains affiliated to the VCEE.



January 2017



Working Paper: "What Drives Destruction? On the Malleability of Anti-Social Behavior", by J. Müller, C. Schwieren and F. Spitzer (paper)

J.-R. Tyran reviews “The Foundations of Behavioral Economic Analysis” by Sanjit Dhami in JBEE (book review)


Forthcoming publication: “Discretized best-response dynamics for the rock-paper-scissors game“  by P. Bednarik and J. Hofbauer. Journal of Dynamics and Games

A. Sonntag and J.-R. Tyran elected as board members of the Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics (SABE) for 4 years.


The Publication: "Give and Take in Dictator Games", by J.-R. Tyran, A. Cappelen, U. Nielsen, E. Sørensen and B. Tungodden is one of the 5 most highly cited papers in Economics Letters in 2014-16.

J.-R. Tyran discusses with Maximilian Kasy (Harvard) on “Volkswirtschaftslehre im Spannungsverhältnis von Wissenschaft und Politik” on Jan. 11 (in German) (more info) (video)


Forthcoming publication: "The Price of Prejudice", by M.S. Hedegaard and J.-R. Tyran. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

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