We welcome Oliver Hauser as a new affiliate of VCEE

Oliver Hauser is Professor of Economics at the University Exeter since 2023. He is also Deputy Director of the Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at U Exeter and advises the British Cabinet Office. He holds PhD from Harvard University (2016) and has been employed as senior research fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School (2017-2020). His research addresses important issues like environmental sustainability including climate change, Gender equality and artificial intelligence from a behavioral economics perspective.


Here is his research statement:

I’m motivated by fairness and equality, whether it is within society, across generations, or in the world of business. I believe that fairness is critical in enabling cooperation — the bedrock for society to flourish, organisations to succeed, and the economy to grow. Through my research, I hope to have real-world impact: I work in close collaboration with organisational leaders and policy makers on translating research findings into relevant actions to improve governments, charities, and businesses.


More information here: http://www.oliverhauser.org/