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February 2018

J.-R. Tyran has been elected as Vice-Rector of Research and International Affairs of the University of Vienna until September 2019.

January 2018

Forthcoming publication: "The Dark Side of the Vote: Biased Voters, Social Information, and Information Aggregation through Majority Voting", by  with Morton, R. and Piovesan, M. and J.-R. Tyran Games and Economic Behavior.
We welcome Anand Murugesan from CEU Budapest as an academic visitor from Jan 8 to Feb 10

Call for papers (deadline Jan. 24): 9th Thurgau Experimental Economics Meeting (theem): “Decision-Making in Groups“, April 11-13 2018 in Kreuzlingen, with Keynotes by Juan Camilo Cardenas and Jean-Robert Tyran

December 2017

J.-R. Tyran gives a workshop for post docs on “Publishing strategies” (handout) for the Berlin Economics Research Associates (BERA), Dec. 7-8
J.-R. Tyran opens the discussion event on “Eine Wirtschaft, die Leben fördert” (in German), Dec. 14 at U Vienna
J.-R. Tyran gives interview on Nobel Prize 2017 on national radio Ö1 (in German).

November 2017

Article on videnskab.dk (in Danish) reporting on "Choosing a Public-Spirited Leader - An Experimental Investigation of Political Selection", by T. Markussen and J.-R. Tyran. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.
Hans Theo Normann (U Düsseldorf) speaks about "Equilibrium Selection in Continuous-Time Games with Coupled Populations" on November 24.
Taisuke Imai (California Institute of Technology) speaks about "Estimating Time Preferences from Budget Set Choices Using Optimal Adaptive Design" on November 24.
Yan Chen (U of Michigan) speaks about "What motivates experts to contribute to public information goods? A field experiment on Wikipedia" on November 6.


October 2017


Forthcoming publication: "Thinking Fast, Thinking Badly", by Jiménez, N., Rodriguez Lara, I., J.-R. Tyran and E. Wengström Economics Letters.
Iris Bohnet (Harvard) talks about "What Works: Gender Equality by Design" at the VBEN event on Oct 10 (see video, in German)

J.-R. Tyran is visiting professor at Université Paris 1 and gives seminars at their Centre d'Economie and at U Fribourg, Oct 24 - Nov. 3.

We welcome Martin Kocher as new Director at the VCEE. Martin has been Professor at LMU Munich and is now Professor of Economics at U Vienna and director of the Institute of Advanced Studies (more info).

Bild Martin Kocher

Roí Zultan (Ben-Gurion U Negev) speaks about "Leveraging wage subsidies to facilitate fair wages and increase social welfare?" on October 20.

Alexander Vostroknutov (U Trento) speaks about "Social norms and preferencees for redistribution" on October 20.

Bildergebnis für Richard ThalerWir gratulieren Richard Thaler zum Nobelpreis! Laudatio in der NZZ von J.-R. Tyran

September 2017

Forthcoming publication: "Choosing a Public-Spirited Leader - An Experimental Investigation of Political Selection", by T. Markussen and J.-R. TyranJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization.


Oskar Morgenstern Medal awarded to Ernst Fehr (more info)

(Laudatio by. J.-R. Tyran)

The VCEE thanks Owen Powell who helped building the lab and then managed it for the last six years. Owen has accepted a position at the University for Economics and Business Administration in Vienna. We welcome Philipp Külpmann who joins us from the Univ. Graz as a senior scientist responsible for the laboratory operations and Victor Gonzalez-Jimenez who joins us as an assistant professor from Tilburg University.IMG_6500

August 2017

J.-R. Tyran gives interview on ethics and economics to Wiener Zeitung (in German only).


July 2017

J.-R. Tyran gives research seminar at U Heidelberg, July 3
J.-R. Tyran participates in panel discussion by Club Research on „Nach der globalen Wirtschafts- und Finanzkrise: Ein neues ökonomisches Denken?", at OeNB July 4

June 2017

Roel van Veldhuizen (WZB Berlin) speaks about "Gender Differences in Tournament Choices: Risk Preferences, Overconfidence, or Competitiveness?" on June 9 (picture)
Anders Poulsen (U East Anglia) speaks about "The Attraction and Compromise Effects in Bargaining: Experimental Evidence" on June 9 (picture)

May 2017

Université Catholique de LilleJ.-R. Tyran gives Keynote at Experimental Public Choice Workshop in Lille, May 23-24
G. van de Kuilen (U Tilburg) speaks about "Measuring Multivariate Risk Preferences" on May 12 (picture)
J. Alm (Tulane U) speaks about "Culture, Compliance, and Confidentiality: Taxpayer Behavior in the United States and Italy" on May 12 (picture)
J. Alm talks about "How to Improve Tax Compliance" at the VBEN event on May 16 (picture 1picture 2picture 3)
Working Paper: The Robustness of Mispricing Results in Experimental Asset Markets, by O. Powell and N. Shestakova (paper)
VCEE Awayday 2017 was held on May 18/19 in Reichenau an der Rax (foto) (program)
J.-R. Tyran and G. Fehr hold UniMind wokshop at U Vienna on „Kunden- und Mitarbeiterverhalten ändern – Eine verhaltensökonomische Perspektive“, May 11
Interview with U. Gneezy about "Nicht die Frauen sind das Problem, sondern die Jobs" in der Standard 



April 2017



U. Gneezy talks about “How Incentives lead to better performance” at the VBEN event on April 27 (video)

Working Paper: "Choosing a Public-Spirited Leader. An Experimental Investigation of Political Selection", by T. Markussen and J.-R. Tyran (paper)


J.-R. Tyran gives Impuls-lecture for the Helsana Group in Zurich, April 12

Keynote lecture by J.-R. Tyran at European Public Choice Society meeting in Budapest, April 19-22 (picture 1, picture 2) (teaser) (video)




March 2017



Ayala Arad (Tel Aviv U) speaks about "Multi-Dimensional Reasoning in Resource Allocation Games: Evidence from Intra-Team Communication" on March 31 (picture)

Stefan Trautmann (U Heidelberg + U Tilburg) speaks about "Implementing Fair Procedures?" on March 31 (picture)


Distinguished lecture series

J.-R. Tyran: Existiert eine „demokratische Dividende“? Einsichten aus der experimentellen Wirtschaftsforschung

The Annual Report 2016 of the VCEE is now available


J.-R. Tyran (as lecturer) and P. Bednarik participate in the Rady Spring School at UC San Diego, March 5 to 10.




February 2017


J.-R. Tyran discusses with Prof. Raschauer and Sektionschef Tschirf about “Staatliche Regulierung” at the „Führungsforum Innovative Verwaltung“ on Feb. 22, in Vienna.


Forthcoming publication: "How to reveal people’s preferences: Comparing time consistency and predictive power of multiple price list risk elicitation methods", by A. Rabas and T. Csermely. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty

Job opening: VCEE is looking for a lab manager (more info)


J.-R. Tyran speaks at the Academy of Behavioral Economics at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Zürich, Switzerland 

O. Powell has moved to the WU Vienna. We congratulate! Owen remains affiliated to the VCEE.




January 2017



Working Paper: "What Drives Destruction? On the Malleability of Anti-Social Behavior", by J. Müller, C. Schwieren and F. Spitzer (paper)

J.-R. Tyran reviews “The Foundations of Behavioral Economic Analysis” by Sanjit Dhami in JBEE (book review)


Forthcoming publication: “Discretized best-response dynamics for the rock-paper-scissors game“  by P. Bednarik and J. Hofbauer. Journal of Dynamics and Games

A. Sonntag and J.-R. Tyran elected as board members of the Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics (SABE) for 4 years.


The Publication: "Give and Take in Dictator Games", by J.-R. Tyran, A. Cappelen, U. Nielsen, E. Sørensen and B. Tungodden is one of the 5 most highly cited papers in Economics Letters in 2014-16.

J.-R. Tyran discusses with Maximilian Kasy (Harvard) on “Volkswirtschaftslehre im Spannungsverhältnis von Wissenschaft und Politik” on Jan. 11 (in German) (more info) (video)


Forthcoming publication: "The Price of Prejudice", by M.S. Hedegaard and J.-R. Tyran. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

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