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Upcoming Workshops & Events


VBEN Event: How Incentives lead to better Performance. An Evidence-Based View, April 27

1st Meetings of the Austrian Experimental Economics Association, May 5

VBEN Event: Tax Evasion, May 16

5th VCEE Awayday, May 18-19, Reichenau a.d. Rax, Program

VBEN Event: The role of personality and intelligence in economic decision making, September 20

Workshop on Behavioral Public Economics, September 21-22

VBEN Event: Iris Bohnet (Harvard): Gleichstellung der Geschlechter leicht gemacht, October 10

Previous Workshops & Events


VBEN Event: The Power of Nudges - Einsatz & Grenzen sanfter Stupser, December 5

Workshop in "Behavioral Public Economics", September 8-9

VBEN Event: Field Experiments as a Revolution in Economics & Politics, September 7

Workshop on "Laboratory Experimental Sociology", June 17-18

Workshop on "Fairness, personal responsibility, and the welfare state", June 9-10

4th VCEE Awayday, April 21-22, Reichenau a.d. Rax; Program, Foto


Workshop in "Behavioral Public Economics", September 10-11

Mini Workshop and Get Together in "Economic Analysis of Law and Institutions", May 28

3rd VCEE Awayday, May 7-8, Reichenau a.d. Rax; Program, Foto



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